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The Emotional Intelligence Advantage
The Coach’s
Project Management Made Easy
How to Create a Marketing Plan

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Boost your business and professional skills the fast and easy way

We want to create a better world, one business at a time.

When entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed, the economy is strong, and everyone benefits… there are more jobs… there’s more money to spend… more scope for giving and helping others. It’s really a win-win.

The Business Institute was created to serve this purpose.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or manager, you’ve probably recognised a mentor or coach would make you more accountable and would take you to the next level.

But their services are expensive and if you can’t afford to hire one-on-one support, there’s no need to feel stuck. You’re now in the RIGHT place. Upskilling through The Business Institute is a small investment in YOU, for a big return. It just makes sense!

The way our world continues to change at such a rapid pace means you can no longer stay still. Relying on what got you to where you are, won’t get you further… so we’re here and ready to give you that leg-up.

It’s TRUE New levels of achievement require new thinking, new ideas and a fresh approach.

It’s TRUE You’ll never stand out or get ahead if you’re lost in a sea of “high quality sameness”.

It’s PROVEN The Business Institute gives you NEW ways to expand your knowledge and grow into the best version of you.

Isn’t it time you got the results you truly deserve?

We know these trainings work. Our material has been implemented by 1000’s of business people worldwide from start-up entrepreneurs to those managing Fortune 500s! Everything you see here in these CERTIFIED trainings has been put into practice, to help create success today – right now!!

And the great news is today, you get to leverage this knowledge and track record to build YOUR own success.

With course material being updated and added to on a regular basis, you’ll always have access to the latest material to boost your skills and knowledge. The outcome = success for YOU in your business environment, alongside a support team to help you every step of the way!

And remember, you’ll NEVER pay more than $500 for any of our standard training courses!

“There’s a continued advanced acceleration of change and innovation so you need to prepare your business for the world you cannot see”

Colin Cooper
Co-Founder, The Business Institute

Why We Need To THINK Differently this year

With the window of opportunity closing, being in the right place at the right time with the right idea is becoming harder.

Why is there so much change now… it’s simple, just look at how things have progressed
The spoken language took over 100,000’s years to be developed
The written language only took 1,000’s of years
The printing press only took 400 years to be developed and reach a mass audience
The telephone was used by quarter of the population in 50 years
The mobile phone did that in less than 7 years worldwide
And social networks, Wikis and blogs did that in just 3 years
How we think and operate has changed – forever.

The challenge becomes how you can keep up with change, because success goes to the educated… those who are nimble enough to learn and
implement faster than others.

The Business Institute is your secret business weapon, and provides $10,000’s of course material in one location at an affordable price for you.

Welcome to the place where we help you make change happen.

Checkout our most popular
certified trainings

The Emotional Intelligence Advantage
The Coach’s
Project Management Made Easy
How to Create a Marketing Plan
How to Use Facebook Groups
First Impressions
Mastering Mind Maps for Business

The 11 reasons business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and managers choose The Business Institute for
NEW skills acquisition

#1 Reason Why
All courses come with a certificate of attainment on completion. You’ll have evidence of your new skills!
#2 Reason Why
Why spend thousands of dollars and years at a tertiary institution when you can boost your knowledge, skills and confidence without breaking the bank – never pay more than $500 for any standard training!!!
#3 Reason Why
Learning as it should be, to your schedule and time frame, not someone else’s; complete each course as fast or as leisurely as suits your lifestyle
#4 Reason Why
Study from the convenience of home or office around your busy work, family, social schedule
#5 Reason Why
You’re never alone thanks to our 24/7 support desk – got a question, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you pronto!
#6 Reason Why
Learning modules which get to the crux of topics and exam-based accreditation
#7 Reason Why
Modern and up to date range of courses based on what’s needed now in most work places and for business growth
#8 Reason Why
Of the people behind The Business Institute means you invest in yourself with confidence
#9 Reason Why
All courses are detailed enough to give you the required depth of knowledge but also presented in a way that makes it easy to learn
#10 Reason Why
When you complete one course you become part of “The Business Institute Family” an exclusive membership that gives you big discounts on future courses among many other benefits

#11 Reason Why
All The Business Institute trainings are backed by our industry leading “90 day  100% Money Back” Satisfaction Guarantee, yes we carry all the risk so you can upskill worry free!

The Business Institute’s Industry Leading
“90 Day 100% Money Back”
Satisfaction Guarantee

How it works:
Take any of The Business Institute’s comprehensive training courses. Dive into the curriculum. Implement your new knowledge. Show us you’ve made an effort to learn and then, in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied in any way, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to get back to us in writing and tell us you’re unhappy. We’ll then issue you with a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. We can’t be any fairer than that can we?

The Business Institute’s
4-Step Attendance Process

We are committed to providing high quality and effective training that is certified, so you get most out of each course you study. Here is the certification process:

STEP 1: You complete all course material
STEP 2: Complete the 1-page Your Learning Evaluation form available with each course and submit it using the online process
STEP 3: Professional business educator reviews your Learning Evaluation
STEP 4: Your Certificate of Accreditation is sent to you electronically

Meet the entrepreneurs and educators behind The Business Institute

Colin Cooper

Siobhain Little

Trish Glover

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Invest in any of our training courses to qualify for

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