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Hello there, my name is Colin Cooper

For the past 20+ years, I have consulted with more than a 1000 organisations and companies worldwide, my training materials and teachings have helped 100,000’s of business owners and Entrepreneurs achieve accelerated growth.

This has allowed me unprecedented behind the scenes access to strategies that many have not seen or even heard of.

I completely understand the pressure of running different businesses and getting startups off the ground or needing to pivot a company to grow.

Over this time I have created a personal portfolio of my own successful companies and investments that span across 38 Countries with a core focus in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Myself and my team have a very unique skill set and access to data that most companies don’t, allowing us to develop and implement strategies that simply work the first time.

I am now sharing many of these strategies to help as many business owners as possible not only survive during this time of change but thrive.

“There’s a continued advanced acceleration of change and innovation so you need to prepare your business for the world you cannot see”

Colin Cooper
Founder, The Business Institute

Why We Need To THINK Differently this year

Why is there so much change now… it’s simple, just look at how things have progressed

With the window of opportunity closing, being in the right place at the right time with the right idea is becoming harder.

The spoken language took over 100,000’s years to be developed

The written language only took 1,000’s of years

The printing press only took 400 years to be developed and reach a mass audience

The telephone was used by quarter of the population in 50 years

The mobile phone did that in less than 7 years worldwide

And social networks, Wikis and blogs did that in just 3 years

How we think and operate has changed – forever.

The challenge becomes how you can keep up with change, because success goes to the educated… those who are nimble enough to learn and implement faster than others.

The Business Institute

is your secret business weapon, and provides $10,000’s of course material in one location at an affordable price for you.

Welcome to the place where we help you make change happen.

The Business Institute’s 4-Step Attendance Process

We are committed to providing high quality and effective training that is certified, so you get most out of each course you study. Here is the certification process:

STEP 1: You complete all course material

STEP 2: Complete the 1-page Your Learning Evaluation form available with each course and submit it using the online process

STEP 3: Professional business educator reviews your Learning Evaluation

STEP 4: Your Certificate of Accreditation is sent to you electronically

Meet the entrepreneurs and educators behind The Business Institute

Colin Cooper

Siobhain Little

Trish Glover

Invest in any of our training courses to qualify for


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We take the guesswork out for less than the cost of a cup coffee a day
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