A start-to-finish guide for small businesses & entrepreneurs to get more done in 2020.
This course is designed to teach you to be more efficient and profitable way to manage their projects.

A start-to-finish guide for small businesses & entrepreneurs to get more done in 2020

This course is designed to teach you to be more efficient and profitable way to manage their projects.

As with many small business owners and entrepreneurs, there is a struggle to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. As they are trying to do several tasks all at once. This leads to some of the more important tasks to fall between the cracks.

When businesses use proven project management for even their smallest projects, they are able to be faster, more profitable, and more efficient when achieving their goals. Using Project Management Made Easy, you will be able to be more effective and more profitable with easy to manage your projects.

Course Curriculum

There are 6 modules in the course including the introduction and conclusion

Module One – Introduction to Project Management
You’ll learn the benefits of following project management principles, so that you can see how it will keep your businesses healthy and your customers happy

Module Two – Project Stages for Small and Medium Projects
You’ll discover the three key stages to all projects, so that you will be ready to apply them to a project of your choice during the course

  • Project Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Closure

Module Three – Develop a Project Plan
You’ll be guided  through the four components of creating a project plan, so you will have a repeatable process you can can use for all projects in the future and eliminate the mistake to assume that a small project does not require planning

  • Project Sanctioning
  • Project Scope
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling

Module Four – Develop an Implementation Plan to Monitor Your Progress
You’ll learn to create a detailed implementation plan, focusing on communication, so that you can be sure your project is completed smoothly and delivered within the expectations and deadlines including

  • Creating an implementation plan to monitor progress
  • Starting when you begin to execute activities
  • Shifting your attention to managing rather than planning

Module Five – Project Review and Closure Activities
You’ll learn keystone habits, key project reviews and closure activities that are required in order to obtain the results and improve on future projects

  • Deliver results to your sponsor at the closure stage
  • Plan, review and closure to produce results and improve
  • Create a repeatable process

Module Six – Conclusion and Next Steps
Finally, we will review what you have learned and guide you through final action planning, so you will be ready to dive straight into completing a project when you finished this course

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the Project Management Made Easy Course:

Project Management Workbook: You can use alongside the activities outlined in the book, so you can take action and get results

Project Plan and Charter Template: Provides a ready-to-go template for you to fill out to quickly create a plan (no fancy tool needed)

Summary Checklist: Covers all the key points of the course book, so your customers have a quick reference guide

Infographics on Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid: Especially great for helping visual learners implement the material and remember what they learned (a $200 value)

List of Project Management Tools: So you don’t have to spend hours on Google looking for tools.

In-Depth Video Presentation: By using Project Management Made Easy you will be creating a more efficient and more profitable business for yourself.

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