What Makes Us Different

Mentor In Your Pocket

Who doesn’t need a little daily inspiration to start the day?

I know how busy entrepreneurs and business owners are, as I work with 100’s of them weekly, however I have always found that something positive done daily into a business or project has a massive compounding effect and makes a difference over time.

Daily you will receive audios from me that will take less than 5 minutes to listen to, but will get the creative juices flowing and will help you to implement something new into your business straight away.

Imagine if you made a small positive change daily for the next 365 days how much different your life, health, wealth and business would look like at the end of that time.

Effectus Community – Pay It Forward (Coming Soon)

This is a community created with helping people not just in business but in life. The most successful people we have worked with and mentored over the years have Most Valuable Priority s (MVP’s) in 4 key areas:

Health – No point in being the richest person in the graveyard
Family – Whatever family looks for you it’s important to have balance
Business – Running a successful business can take more than doing 14 hours a day – it’s about working smarter
Wealth – This comes in many areas not just money, it comes in the form of knowledge

Imagine a community of people where you can pick someone as your Peak Performance Partner (PPP) that checks in on you to make sure you are on track to achieve your MVP’s and you do the same for them. Best of all it’s 100 % FREE of charge.

Monthly Webinars

Having access to material, community’s, mentors and more is not enough. The world is changing at such a fast pace which is why when you become part of the Think family we are there with you side by side in your business. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

In the monthly webinars we cover a range of topics from strategy, finance, marketing, mindset, answering questions from the community and much more. Just this alone is worth more than the low monthly fee we ask.

We THINK different – it is time for you to make positive changes to see the compounding effect of success for you in life and business.

Health & Fitness

We believe to be a success in business it is important to have balance and take a holistic approach – work, health, fitness, family, spirituality. That is why we will also be providing you with tips and information on these subjects as well.

You will be given private access to short courses as part of this community on healthy eating, finding balance in life, mediation and much more.

Business and life can be stressful with you being pulled pillar to post, so to find balance is important for you to achieve the results you deserve.

Business can be confusing

We take the guesswork out for less than the cost of a cup coffee a day